Eurotunnel Deals

Eurotunnel dealsIf you’re looking for the best Eurotunnel deals to travel to France from the UK then you’ll be glad to hear that you have another option available to you which is to travel via the Eurotunnel. The tunnel itself is over 50km and goes from Folkestone in the Kent to Frethun in France.

When you’re onboard the Eurotunnel it can be quite hard to imagine that you’re actually in or around 75 metres below the surface of the sea at some points of the trip! Most of the time you’ll be travelling at nearly 100 mph so you’ll be at your destination within no time compared to other types of transport.

The Best Eurotunnel deals

As you’re more than likely aware of, you can bring your vehicle with you if you wish to do so but this means that you’ll have to stay with your vehicle for the entire trip. One good thing to note is that the French motorways are top quality so it’s a great way to travel to wherever you’re going, especially since you’ll be dropped off not too far away from the motorway.

Some people like to travel via the Eurotunnel because it’s quick and there normally are some really good Eurotunnel deals while others do it for a different experience. However, we think that one of the best things about travelling to France by the Eurotunnel is that it’s very reliable in comparison to taking a flight over or even a ferry over. As we all know by now, bad weather can have a huge impact on flights and so on but thankfully it doesn’t have much of an impact on the Eurotunnel which is a bonus.

Cheap Eurotunnel Tickets

Travelling by the Eurotunnel is competitively priced as well although there are a few ways in which you can make sure that you’re getting a good Eurotunnel deal. We always recommend that you book your ticket as much in advance as you can to get some amazing savings or even just do something as simple as travel at peak times if it suits you. If you’re travelling with a family there are often special deals available to you too so keep an eye out for that on their website before making a booking. It’s all about spending a little bit of time to get yourself a good deal.

When you consider that it takes in or around 35 minutes to travel from the UK to France via the Eurotunnel you really can’t go wrong. However, you still need to be able to check-in 45 minutes in advance so don’t forget to do this on the day. Overall, this is easily one of the most popular ways to travel to France today and we can only see it getting even more popular over the next couple of years. So if you haven’t had the experience of travelling via the Eurotunnel it’s highly recommended that you do and take advantage of these greate Eurotunnel deals.