Ferry Ports to travel to France

There are a huge range of ports in the UK today that travel all around Europe to places like France, Denmark, Holland, Ireland and Spain. Sometimes it can be hard to decide which port to travel from, especially when different companies operate from each and every one of them. Here’s a list of some of the most well-known ports in the UK where you can book a ferry crossing to France:

  • French ferry portsHarwich Port – This port is in Essex and was formerly known as Parkeston Quay. Right now there are a few companies that are departing from this particular port including Stena Line and DFDS Seaways. You can travel to ports such as the Hook of Holland, Esbjerg and Cuxhaven just to name a few.

  • Newhaven Port – As the name suggests, this port is in Newhaven which is located in East Sussex at the mouth of the river Ouse. Even though this port used to be a lot busier when it comes to ferries, it’s still fairly busy today.  LD Lines operated many ferries from Newhaven Port to places such as Dieppe in France although there are only a couple of sailings each day now.

  • Portsmouth Port – Portsmouth is the only island city in the entire United Kingdom and is just over 100 km away from London. You can travel to areas such as Gosport as well as the Isle of Wight throughout the year from this port. Wightlink actually operated some great services to and from the Isle of Wight and also allow you to bring your car with you if you wish to. Other destinations that you can travel to include St. Malo, Caen, Santander and the Channel Islands.

  • Dover Port – Dover port is the UK’s closest port to France so if you don’t want to travel on a ferry for too long then this may suit you if you live close-by. Not only is it the closest port to France, but it’s also the busiest passenger port in the world (16 million). Ferry operators that operate from Dover port include P&O Ferries (which travels to Calais), DFDS Seaways (which travels to Calais and Dunkirk) and last but not least MyFerryLink (which also travels to Calais).

That’s just 4 ports that are worth looking at if you’re not sure which ports are worth travelling from yet. As always, there are a few things that you should take in to account before picking which port you want to travel from. These include things like how close it is to your house, whether it has easy access to the motorway and what times the ferries travel at.