Ferry Companies Operating from UK to France

If you’re thinking about taking a ferry to france or vice versa you’ve more than likely already figured out that there are quite a few ferry companies to choose from. We’re going to go through just some of these operators briefly so you know what to expect from each one:

Ferry Companies to France

  • Ferry Companies Operating from UK to FranceBrittany Ferries – Brittany Ferries have a quite a good range of ferry routes to choose from which is the main advantage of using them. They depart from Plymouth, Portsmouth and Poole while they travel to Caen, Le Havre, Cherbourg and Roscoff direct. As well as this they sail at both day and night which allows you to take advantage of cheap fares if you’re willing to travel during the night since there’s not as much demand.

  • DFDS Seaways – This company has four routes in total which are Dover to Dunkirk, Dover to Calais, Portsmouth to Le Havre and last but not least Newhaven to Dieppe. Depending on the time of year, they have up to 48 daily sailings and allow you to bring a pet onboard too. If you’re travelling to either Dunkirk or Calais you’ll have easy access to a great motorway network which is popular with people who are travelling down to the South of France or even other European countries such as Germany.

  • Condor Ferries – Although this is a less well known company, they still have some great offers available and are well worth looking in to if you’re travelling to France. Some examples of deals that they run every now and again are kids go free and 20% off all fares. At FerryEasy we constantly check for these specials so we’ll let you know straight away if there is good value to be had. Condor Ferries travel to St. Malo which has some of the nicest beaches in the Northern French coastline.

  • P&O Ferries – Most of us have saw TV advertisements for P&O Ferries at one stage or another. They offer ferries all over Europe but at the moment just have one route from the UK to France which is Dover to Calais. This mightn’t sound like much, but there’s close to 50 sailings each and every day of the year! The crossing only takes about an hour and a half which gives you the opportunity to relax by having a nice bit of food onboard or just look out at the wonderful sea views. One of the best things about the Dover to Calais route is that both locations are extremely close to the motorway so it’s easy to get to where you’re going.

That’s just 4 of the companies that offer ferry routes from the UK to France, but make sure you compare prices here on our site so you get to see all of the options that you have. Overall, it’s definitely worth shopping around before you decide on choosing just one particular company, so why not see how much each is charging first?