Holland Ferry Ports

The ferries running from the UK to the Netherlands cross between several different ports across the two countries, all based in diverse and vibrant cities and towns.

One of the most popular routes for ferry travellers runs between the ports of Newcastle and IJmuiden.

Newcastle’s Port of Tyne is a major gateway to the UK and has a long history of trade, from the import and export of wool in the 13th century to coal, fish and cars today. The port has an international ferry terminal and has become one of the UK’s most popular cruise terminals for passengers travelling from all over the world.

Ferry ports in Holland

Those travelling from the Port of Tyne in Newcastle will arrive the next morning in IJmuiden, on the entrance of the North Sea Canal, which leads directly to Amsterdam. The town connects Amsterdam with the North Sea is an important base for transport and trade in the area.
Ijmuiden is the newest city in North Holland having been founded in 1876 and is the biggest fishing port in the Netherlands. The area also suffered fairly serious damage during World War 2 under Nazi attack due to its significance as a port, but has since been rebuilt and is now an attractive coastal location.

Those using the ferry service to access Holland from Newcastle will appreciate Ijmuiden’s close proximity to Amsterdam, which is a popular tourist destination thanks to its vast cultural offerings and beautiful canals.

Another route between the UK and the Netherlands begins in Harwich, a town  in Essex on the coast of England. Harwich’s port has long been of major significance in the UK; it was the target chosen by William of Orange for his invasion in 1688 and has a long-term Royal Navy presence. Today, Harwich’s port manages much of the operations based in the container port at Felixstowe, and is an important centre for international travel.

The Harwich route leads to a town on the western coast of the Netherlands called Hoek Van Holland, or Hook of Holland. A district of Rotterdam, Hoek Van Holland has a ferry port where the company Stena Line has operated ferries from the Netherlands to England since 1893.

The small town also has strong connections to Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam thanks to its railway stations and proximity to the motorway.

The final route between the UK and Holland is the crossing between Hull and Rotterdam.

Kingston Upon Hull, commonly called Hull for short, is located in East Yorkshire and has a major port with a long history stretching far back into the 13th century. Currently, the port is important for its role in the timber trade. Hull has regenerated itself as an important cultural destination and is home to one of the largest aquariums in Europe.

Rotterdam is home to the largest port in Europe, once the busiest in the world. The port is an important centre for the transport of petrochemicals and other bulk goods in Europe and is accessible by the largest cargo ships in the world thanks to its 24-metre draft. Rotterdam port is also a gateway for tourists travelling by sea from the UK to the Netherlands, and an access point to the rest of Europe.